History of Zina


We want to testify once again to the incredible love of God.

Zinaida Pavlovna came to see us. She is 63 years old. She said she was tired of living on the street with no documents “Please, send me somewhere where I can be useful”.

We turned to one center – they refused, to the other – they also refused. They wanted to send her to the orphanage when God prompted us to try to get her documents re-issued. Then it turned out that she got a passport in Chernhiv and, accordingly, she needed quite a lot of money for the tickets and for somebody to accompany her. In addition, she had no documents at all and therefore the chances of re-issuing her passport were nil.

The process of restoring the documents is the most time-consuming and long. It is necessary to collect a number of certificates, to attend a number of institutions and we have such a bureaucracy that sometimes we livid with anger. Once they refused to issue us a certificate in the registry office, which is necessary for the registration of a disabled homeless woman’s pension, because in the 1990s, when her name was translated into Ukrainian, they made a mistake with one letter: they wrote Shkarivska instead of Shkarovska. Any explanations that a person would simply die on the street if they did not help to qualify her for a pension and a nursing home were in vain.

Shortly speaking, when we had already decided to abandon the idea of getting  Zinaida’s passport re-issued, we suddenly remembered that the blessed brother Valera M. lived in Chernihiv. Although we are not acquainted, we decided to turn to him.

We called him, told him about the situation and asked for help with Zina’s accommodation for one week. Valera set him heart upon  helping her, began to call different centers, but everybody refused him. As a result, the Catholics agreed to accept her, just in a week. Well, we were going to wait a week.

Five days later, Valera called and said: there is a woman who is interested in Zinaida’s personal data. We dictated the data and it was a miracle!!!

An hour later, Valera called back and said: “There is a sister living in the suburbs of Kyiv, here is her phone number, go and take Zina’s passport from her”.

Our eyes nearly popped out of their sockets with astonishment!

What we discovered: nine years ago, Zinaida lived on the street with a woman and left her passport with her. They lost each other, and this woman, who did not have her own documents, had been keeping the passport for nine years.

Then she undergone rehabilitation, were baptized, married, and now lives in Kyiv suburbs.

See how the wheels of God’s providence spin: we were refused in different places four times, then “accidentally” we remembered the unknown Valera, then that woman “accidentally” appeared next to Valera, etc.

So, if you are haunted by apparent failures, remember that God is always in control. God be praised!


our employees 2018

Let us introduce you to the new people!homeless in Ukraine

This is the family of Andrii and Iryna Parkhomenko.

Andrii is a deacon of the Evangelical Church “Emmanuel” and an employee of “Kyiv House of Mercy”. His wife provides cosmetology services.

The year before last, the charitable dining room “Stefania”, which was almost the only way to survive for many homeless and the people who found themselves below the poverty line, was closed in Kyiv.

Andrii and Iryna live next to the former “Stefania”. So they and their friends started cooking at home and feeding those for whom almost the only option to get any food at all is to get it from Andrii and Iryna’s hands.

People gathered, ate, listened to the Bible willingly, thanked, and some of them asked for some shelter. But they had nowhere to be washed, to have their hair cut, nowhere to change their clothes before sending to the shelter, so many people continued to stay on the street.

Then we joined forces and became one team! Now many people have a chance to leave the street and start a new life.