допомога бездомному

Helping homeless elderly people and homeless people with disabilities

help to the homeless

Currently about 15 thousand homeless people live on the streets of Kiev. A significant number of them are old people (over 60 years old).


Drug and alcohol rehab centers reluctantly accept (free of charge) young homeless people. Usually it is extremely difficult to find a place for old and ill homeless people at any of these rehab centers. Because of their narrow specialization, they cannot provide free medical help, offer permanent accommodation or help to restore lost I.D. and other important documents.

Therefore, many of those homeless people who are 60 years old and older are left outside of spectrum of services provided by charitable institutions.

The people in this category are old, sick, without I.D., without relatives (some of them have relatives, who have forsaken them… which is even worse). Rejected by everyone, they die on the streets of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

  1. That’s why we invite all the concerned people to unite and solve the problem of building a house for such people together.

A person taken from the street should be provided with the following services:


-Re-issue of ID and other documents


-Psychological support


-Comfortable environment


-Organization of leisure time

The house should be designed for 15 beds, of which 10 should be for the permanent residents of the house, and 5 should be transit


Transit beds should be reserved for those waiting  for their documents to be re-issued. After a person receives his/her documents, he/she should be sent to a state nursing home or to a Christian shelter (it’s up to the person to decide).

a project that is already working