Alexander Afanasiev, 1960

как помочь бомжу

I am from Sumy.

After the army, I graduated the Frunze factory classes as a blacksmith and worked there. Then after the factory was closed, I worked on the installation of natural gas stations, went on business trips, mainly to Central Asia.
Everything was fine: married, and had a son in 1983.

And then everything went wrong:
My wife began to sleep with other men while I was on business trips, I gave my son a decent education — to be a medical doctor, and he went to work as DJ, then got into drugs …

Of course, it was my fault that I gave more time to work than family, and then it all happened …

Later I divorced and moved to Kiev …
Worked in different factories in Kiev, has 32 years of work experience.

Then I got ill and couldn’t work. Had no more money and began to live on the street. … I’ve been living in this state for almost 10 years.

I used to collect glassware, paper, helped local residents wirh electricity, plumbing, many in the area know me.

A couple of months ago my legs refused to move, I was admitted to hospital, and then I was discharged to the street.
I dream of getting back on my feet again, finding a job, rent a small space… »

Alexander was brought to us by indifferent people who saw him completely helpless in an abandoned shed.