Ginnsburgs Natalia Ivanovna, born in 1938

помощь бездомным в Украине

«We come from the village of Solomonovo, Uzhgorod region.
Then it was Austria-Hungary and we were moved to Rostov.

From there I went to study in Leningrad, the Military Medical Academy for a doctor.
There I met my husband, he studied there also. I was 21 and he was 20. Estonian. He and his parents were forcefully moved to the territory of Russia early 20th century. We had similar destinies and they were tough. My life is tough now …

Then we moved to Tallinn, had children. We had two children, sons. Both died in accident the same day …

We moved to Minsk to move to some other place. Husband died two years later, could not overcome the loss …

I lived in Minsk after that for 12 years and now, at the end of my life, I decided to return home — to the Uzhgorod region.
I was traveling through Kiev, here I had a transfer on a train and everything was stolen from me — a bag, documents, money. It got bad, I got to the hospital quickly, and was discharged from there.
I do not know what to do next … »

We will make inquiries with the Consulates of Estonia and Belarus to help get this grandmother out of the crisis.

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