Lyudmila has been working for three months!

One of the most amazing stories that happened to us this year 

We took Homeless Ludmila from a psychiatric hospital in March. There she was diagnosed with depression and brought to us straight from the street.

Plus, after a stroke, she can only move one hand.

Plus ALL her documents were stolen.

Plus a grave monument in the North Cemetery, which was erected by her relatives because she was considered dead 

We closely watched her behavior at the shelter — is she threat to others? …
It turned out that she was not only absolutely normal, but she was able to resocialize much faster than other residents.

Ludmila works and lives separately since July, but every week visits our shelters, helping as much as she can.

Thank you Любовь Сидоренко (Lybov Sidorenko) for helping to find all her relatives.
Thank you Право на захист for helping her recover her documents.

Together we can do more!
The main thing is not to be afraid to take on difficult cases 

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