Membership in the FEANTSA

бездомному помощь Киев

Rejoice with us!
In the summer, we were welcomed into the European community of helping homeless.

We have become associated members of this organization and now have access to their research on homelessness, reports and statistics.

We hope that our work will now become even more fruitful.

For example, we now face the daunting task of assisting with employment to the former (hopefully forever) disabled homeless people. For this we seek for similar experience in other countries. If someone has bright ideas how to systematically address this issue — let’s act. Now our help is active but sporadical. One of the successful results… (thanks again to Auchan, Olga Boyko, Tanya Simonash for moral support in this matter)

Those who are indifferent, join us — together we can do more!