Oleksandr Rukhlenko, born in 1963

допомога бездомним

I am from the village of Yegorovka, Chernihiv region.
When I was 2 years old we moved to the city of Priluky and lived there.
My mother was a believer, a Christian. In the years of the USSR, because of this, she had many problems — lost her jobs, constantly summoned to the police. My sister and I also went to church from childhood, and we also had constant problems at school because of this — mocked, put by the teacher in the spotlight as a bad example, but we continued to believe in God and constantly went to church.
Before the army, I retreated from God — scared because then there were many rumors that in the army the believers were being bullied. But it happened that my friends, who did not renounce their faith, were served much more easily than I was. I was in firefighting troops, and other believers were in a builder no batallion. No harm was done to them, and I kept walking with blue breasts from beating.
After the army, he worked as a fire instructor, taught to drive a fire truck.
Then I worked at the construction site. Began to drink, lost one eye. I was cutting the tile and got a piece of it stuck in my eye. My other eye is almost blind now.
Please help me to register as a person with a disability and get a job in order to get out of the crisis.