Pilipenko Petr Larionovich, this year I turned 74

помощь безхатченкам

A few days ago, a blind grandfather was brought to our shelter from Zhiznelyub settlement. He was surviving in the corner of the pantry at the entrance to the apartment he used to live in.

“My name is Pilipenko Petr Larionovich, this year I turned 74.
All my life I worked as a plumber, if you help me to have the eye surgery, I will do everything for you in plumbing!
I was married, has two grown daughters. We raised them, gave them an education».

He continues:
«When the children grew up me and my wife divorsed. I began to live with another woman. We have lived together for 30 years.
My mistake was that we did not register our marriage officially.
When my second wife died, her niece came and drove me out of the apartment.
Help me return my vision in one eye and please apply for the nursing home so that I don’t die at the entrance. The operation is free of charge for me in Medgorodok».