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помощь бездомному

Collection closed. In less than half a year, we all collected the necessary amount together.

You can see the report later on our page or website.

«We rarely ask you for targeted help with money, and this is exactly the case when you can’t handle it without your support.

Our caretaker Vladimir Stepanovich has impaired circulation of the lower extremities and, as a consequence, obstruction of the vessels.
Because of this, necrotic processes take place in the lower extremities — two months ago he had three fingers amputated, his wound still did not heal, because the blood was slowly coming into his leg.
The conclusion of surgeons — if left untreated, is gradually amputating the entire leg.

Doppler was done to him, doctors said there was a bypass option, but it was a very expensive operation (from $ 5,000).
Of course, we will not draw such a fee to the same, another doctor said that medical treatment would give better result sooner.

That is, in his case, only conservative treatment is possible — a drip and pills for the rest of his life, which dilute blood and restore blood vessels.

The doctor prescribed the following medicines to be taken:

actovegin (800 UAH).
Aspirin Cardio (136UAH).
Magnerot (92 uah)
Cavinton (175 uah)
Ascocin (227 uah)
As well as Phytopreparations that contribute to the improvement of coronary (cardiac) and peripheral circulation:
— Cardio-Biol (116 UAH)
— Capillary Biol (122 uah)
— Lecithin-Biol (122 uah)
— Omega-3,6,9 (260 UAH)
-Ginkgo-biloba extract (liquid)
Garlic extract (liquid)
Thistle, Pumpkin, Flax, Peanut

The total amount of UAH 7050 is enough for three months of treatment. »

If you want to help this person —

5169 3305 1494 0615 private bank
card-key to the account of NGO DM Kyiv,
designed by the name of Kuchapin Alexei
specify a charitable donation in the appointment