Vladimir Shishko

как помочь бомжу

Today Vladimir Shishko appealed to us for help. He is 62. Yes, we know that he does not look at 62 🙂
He was given our number in Kyiv City State Administration — KSCA
He was born in Lugansk. Worked as a miner, freight forwarder, driver, baker …

When the war started, he went to his parents’ house, in Izium, Kharkiv region.
This year, a gas pipe rotted outside and the house was cut off from gas. Public utilities company said they would repair the pipe when those living on the street will raise money for it.
Vladimir Grigorovich appealed to Kharkivgas with a complaint, but in vain.
To survive he came to Kiev for work.
He has been living at the station for four days. He says next week they promised to take him to a supermarket in Bereznyaki.
He asked us to spend the night at the House of Mercy, but unfortunately, there are no places in men’s shelters now.
Maybe someone has some work for him — please call him directly:
096 316 38 58
he does not smoke, does not use alcohol, has a passport
you can also send a gift to provide for Vladimir’s hostel and products for this time.