Zhukova Lidiya Yakovna, 66 years old

допомога бездомним

Zhukova Lidiya was brought to the House of Mercy Kiev last week.

She is from Russia. Together with her second son who is ill, they left Russia 18 months ago escaping the abuse and terror of the eldest son.

They lived at the train station, then in a tent in the woods …

Recently Lydia Yakovna was admitted to the hospital and lost comminucation with her son. She does not know where he is now. She worries about him very much.
The son’s name is Rimarenko Konstantin Vladimirovich, born 1973.

In addition, Lydia’s pension was suspended. She is required to confirm that she is alive once a year and last year she did not do it.

We will take her to the Russian Consulate this week, to confirm her status and resume the pension.